Sisters of Laureate Alpha RhoChapter of Beta Sigma Phi Winter Gala Celebration

           The Sisters of Laureate Alpha RhoChapter of Beta Sigma Phi gathered with the other chapters to honor theirchapter Queen. The event was held at the Havelock Tourist and Event Center onFebruary 4th, 2023. Pictured in the first picture is Terry Mortonwith her escort, her son, Kevin Brock of Laureate Alpha Rho. Pictured in thesecond picture are the queens from all the chapters. Pictured from left toright is Terry Morton of Laureate Alpha Rho; Rosetta Ruth of Alpha Beta Master;Sally Kelly of Torchbearer Zeta; Betty Wallace of Preceptor Beta Tau; Betsy Mayof Preceptor Bea Theta and Tracy Derby of Laureate Alpha Tau. There was abuffet dinner served and dancing to the music of Vossome Music, DJ Susan Vossfrom Virginia. The third picture was taken of the sisters of Laureate AlphaRho; seated Mary Bille and Bonnie Adams; standing (L-R) Terry Morton, NormaPifer, Veronica Ham, Jayne Bell and Martine Offenberger. Everyone enjoyed theevening.


           The sisters of Laurate Alpha Rho arebusy planning the next event which will be the celebration of Founders Day.This day the chapters will honor at least one of their members to be theirWoman of the Year. Someone who has exemplified the true meaning of Beta SigmaPhi and stands out above the others in completion of her duties and helping thechapter. Laureate Alpha Rho will be sorting out their service projects to helpat least one non-profit charity in the local area. Their next social will togather at the new coffee shop in Havelock to show support to the new businessand have some down time visiting with each other.


           Laureate Alpha Rho is only one ofseven chapters that make up the Crystal Coast City Council of Beta Sigma Phi.Beta Sigma Phi is a International Sorority home based in Kansas City, MO. Ourmotto is Life – Learning – Friendship.






Laureate Alpha Rho Queen
Picture of all of the Queenshonored that evening
Picture of the sisters present at the Winter Gala.


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