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I have been a business owner in Havelock since 2007. As a veteran and resident of Havelock I am very pleased to call this city home. This is a great place to raise a family and run a business. The city officials are amazing and the other residents are top-notch. Looking forward to the rest of our years here!
Justin Yates
The chamber works hard to help grow business and build a better community.
Daniel Spangler
The Havelock Chamber does a fantastic job supporting not only the Havelock Business Community, but the whole community and our Military!
Trish Faison Slape

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Local is personal.

Local businesses employ our neighbors, friends, and loved ones and are a big part of what makes our community unique.

They need our support.

In the midst of the current hiring and supply shortages, respond to the call.

Shop locally. As you do, be patient and kind with community members as they make necessary adjustments.

Share this with family and friends. Together we can make a difference

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